My gift to you for this festive season is a set of recommendations. Christmas reads I think you’ll love.

Sharp-eyed readers will see No. 7 is missing. That’s because it’s mine. This is all about other books – enjoy!

12 Days of Christmas with something for everyone.

1 Dec

@DebbieYoungBN Murder in the Manger

“The funniest first line of a novel ever, bar none” – and the rest is also good fun, in this heartwarming by


2 Dec

@LornaFergusson The Chase

Christmas in France. A roaring fire on a frosty night, a glass of wine, goodwill to all men. Except one.


3 Dec

@writerjeangill Nici’s Christmas Tale

‘A parable that speaks to the hearts of animal lovers around the world. One just wants to sit down with Nici as he shares his story in that cozy sheepfold while the cold winds rage outside on Christmas Eve.


4 Dec

@CMTStibbe Into the Silent Sea

Dying for love? Clodagh Shepherd is. An idyllic coastal town where stalking has consequences and a shared past is never safely buried. INTO THE SILENT SEA.


5 Dec

@clarefly The Frozen River

A small Canadian town at Christmas. But not everyone feels the seasonal goodwill. Strained loyalties. Hopeless love. Frozen hearts. Deep resentments. New beginnings?


6 Dec

@MsBessieBell Bitter Like Orange Peel

“Indulge yourself in the luxury of hating every person in this book.” 5-stars. Snap up BITTER LIKE ORANGE PEEL. When you’re finished reading, you’ll have something to throw in the fire.


8 Dec

@alison_morton Roma Nova Extra

Feasting, games, drink, servants as masters – check But *this* family Saturnalia there are quite a few surprises… Read on in ROMA NOVA EXTRA, 8 stories from a 21st century Rome


9 Dec

@helenahalme The Christmas Heart

They weren’t looking for love, but when Kaisa meets Tom on a holiday to the beautiful snow-capped Swedish Alps, sparks fly. Get this new seasonal feel-good romance today!


10 Dec

@LizaPerrat The Swooping Magpie

Shocked by the Magdalene Laundries scandal? Discover Australia’s own adoption scandal. For fans of Philomena, by Martin Sixsmith.


11 Dec

@JaneGHarlond The Chosen Man

Cuddle up with a charismatic rogue, a conspiracy & a feisty heroine. ‘Be prepared to be immersed in this book.’


12 Dec

@janedavisauthor I Stopped Time

A death bed confession, a collection of black and white photographs, a disgraced politician living in retirement in the Surrey village of Shere and the young woman who befriends him. 9


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