All Souls' Day

When something looks too good to be true, it invariably is.

On the heels of a rogue Belgian banker, Beatrice Stubbs stumbles over a shady network far too complex for a private investigator. If she has any sense, she’ll leave the case to the Belgian police and go home to the man who needs her most.

But old habits die hard. Certain clues excite her curiosity, her assistant Theo is desperate for work and that ache for justice is ever present. Where there’s a will, there’s a way of making someone pay.

In London, rising design star Catinca Radu gets the job of a lifetime – a celebrity commission. The bride adores the dress. All that remains is to get Daddy’s signature. Business as usual until he unveils his negotiating tactics. 

The rich and powerful play by their own rules. Tackling corruption at every level of society will take courage and in some cases, the ultimate sacrifice. Inner demons wear a different mask.

This is Beatrice’s last case. She has everything to prove and everything to lose.

Available as eBook and paperback

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