The Beatrice Stubbs Series

A Crime and a Place

DI Stubbs of Scotland Yard is on the case. From the Aegean to Zurich, the diligent detective is turning stones to find what lurks beneath. Each novel is a standalone adventure, but regular readers will recognise an overall story for familiar characters. The books are not exactly ‘cosy crime’ as there is some bloodshed and scenes of a sexual nature, but graphic descriptions of violence are definitely absent. I like to call them 'soft-boiled'.

Beatrice is in her fifties and considering early retirement after many years of duty to the Metropolitan Police. She is well aware that the stress and emotional turmoil of her job makes her battle with bipolar disorder more difficult. Yet she persists, fearing the emptiness of life without Scotland Yard. Her long-suffering partner Matthew, Classics Professor, is still trying to persuade her to move in with him after twenty years of coupledom.

Her downstairs neighbour, Adrian, is a wine merchant and soloist with the London Gay Men’s Choir. His friendship with Beatrice and his fascination with her job give him great pleasure and occasionally, life-threatening drama.

Sent on international assignments by her irascible boss, Hamilton, Beatrice collaborates with police forces all over Europe to track down bad guys. Some teams are more successful than others but whatever the outcome, working with Beatrice Stubbs is an experience none of them will forget.

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