Black River

Life on a Brazilian beach is relaxing, beautiful and quiet. Ann Sheldon wants to keep it that way. The nightmares about her previous life are fading, her dog and a few friends keep her company, and if she can avoid the nearest town, there's no danger of meeting Gil Maduro. Getting involved with a police inspector would be madness.

Thousands of miles away, a girl goes missing from a camp on the Rio Negro. Her frantic parents beg for help and Gil Maduro agrees to investigate. Would Ann like to see the rainforest, the Amazon river and the extraordinary city of Manaus?

She knows it's risky, both physically and emotionally, but also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The trip gets off to a rocky start as they encounter good guys turned bad and bad guys turned ugly.

Ann is in a vulnerable position, with plenty of people ready to take advantage, but now she faces the most serious threat of all. Someone knows who she really is.

That could be deadly.

Available as eBook, audiobook and paperback.

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I couldn’t put this one down


Loved this book

Excellent and I eagerly await book 3

Kindle Customer

Absolutely love it!

JJ Marsh really excelled with this series.

Kindle Customer

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