Black Widow

Beware the Female of the Species

Private Investigator Beatrice Stubbs is hunting an assassin in Budapest. Gossamer traces lead to a respectable family business in France. Despite undercover infiltration of a Parisian perfumery and Bordeaux vineyard, her enquiries soon hit an impenetrable wall.

When the scale of the network emerges, Beatrice still thinks like a cop. She calls in a favour and burns her last bridge, leaving her with nowhere else to turn. Now, she and her assistant are defenceless against predators with many eyes.

The web contracts, trapping them like insects. Entangled in the enemy's lair, her back against the wall, she can only pray she has not run out of friends.

"I'm a loose end. They don't like loose ends."

Available as eBook and Paperback.

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These books keep you page turning until the end (usually all in one sitting). All her books become good friends and re-readable at any time.

Jean Menzies-Newton


Love Beatrice Stubbs and all her family and friends. Story keeps you on your toes and with moments of humour

hilary brooks


I think this is the best book so far. I started to read it and didn’t want to put it down. The twists and turns take your breath away.

Gillian Relf

This Title is included in Box Set Three

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