The Story of a Cover Design

How an author and book designer collaborate


Why Salt?

The condiment we consider an everyday feature of the kitchen table was not always as accessible as it is today.
cover of restoration

Mens sana in corpore sano

A healthy mind in a healthy body I thought I was the only one! How wrong can you get? Historical fiction with a focus on medicine seemed an extremely niche genre so

Books of the Year

Much as I love a comfort read or relaxing entertainment, I do love a book that makes me think. In no particular order, here are half a dozen books I
Turkish cove

Turkey and Wings

It was pure coincidence that I read de Bernières' novel before my holiday but what a happy accident.
Norwegian mermaid

Book Towns!

My summer holiday this year was spent in Norway, exploring fjords and glaciers, kayaking, axe-throwing, sampling Scandinavian beers and pretending to be a mermaid. Then we stumbled on a funny little place called Fjaerdland and I fell in love.
Italian flag

Let’s Go to Italy!

Tomorrow, I’m off to Milan on the train. The journey takes a little over three hours, just long enough to absorb a novel. I want to read something which will