Not Going Out

Two weeks ago, Herr Husband and I decided to distance ourselves as a safety precaution. We cancelled all social engagements and apart from getting out in the fields for some

The Writing Machine

A recent article addressed the reality behind so many writers’ lives and I applaud that honesty. Because the opposite – ooh, look at me earning a living from nothing more than my imagination – is in most cases a falsehood.

Top Tips for Crime Lovers #1

Crime writing is a broad church, with something for everyone. In my writing career, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some exceptional authors who have entertained, supported and helped me improve in the genre.

In Praise of Readers

As every year, I start January full of good intentions. Some will stick, some won't and that's OK. One of the stickers will be my hardy perennial: to improve as a

The City of Wine

Now I want to introduce you to La Cité du Vin (The City of Wine), one of the most intriguing sights/sites in the region of Bordeaux.

8 Things about Bordeaux

Bordeaux is so strongly associated with wine that we sometimes forget it is an exciting multicultural city as well as a wine region.

Explore Europe in 10 Crime Novels

Where are you going on vacation this year? May I suggest a European tour? Here are ten crime fiction books I’ve loved because they transported me to another country and in