Valentine’s Vignettes #2

Coffee Cream Being together was easy, as if they’d known each other all their lives. The trouble was, they had. He’d even worn cologne, given her a bouquet of snowdrops and

Valentine Vignettes #1

This time last year, I wrote three little snapshots of how some of our characters met, exclusively for subscribers. One year later and after the final book in the series,

In Conversation with Carol Cooper

Music strongly influenced my first two novels, in particular the character of Sanjay who, since his diagnosis of terminal cancer, only listens to music by artists who are dead. For me, the best books are like a Motown hit – concise and upbeat, yet with a heart-rending core.

The Lost Blackbird

Today, I welcome Liza Perrat to the blog, with a little background on her new release. Like me, Liza settled in a new country. She became an Australian/French hybrid and

In Conversation with … Jane Davis

As she's a writer I much admire, I was intrigued to find that Jane was writing a book which featured the death penalty and the last woman hanged in Britain, entitled At the Stroke of Nine O’Clock. This is because I recently completed a novella An Empty Vessel in which my character is found guilty of murder and sentenced to hang.

You Got A Friend?

Today is launch day for Odd Numbers, a psychological drama about ties that bind us. Not to our blood relatives, but our chosen family – our friends.

The (Not So) Little Things

As we start the second month of social distancing, I’m paying a lot more attention than usual to mental hygiene. I’m trying break the loop of uncertainty and worry about the future, so daily exercise means more than yoga and dog-walking.

Not Going Out

Two weeks ago, Herr Husband and I decided to distance ourselves as a safety precaution. We cancelled all social engagements and apart from getting out in the fields for some

The Writing Machine

A recent article addressed the reality behind so many writers’ lives and I applaud that honesty. Because the opposite – ooh, look at me earning a living from nothing more than my imagination – is in most cases a falsehood.

Top Tips for Crime Lovers #1

Crime writing is a broad church, with something for everyone. In my writing career, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some exceptional authors who have entertained, supported and helped me improve in the genre.