The City of Wine

Now I want to introduce you to La Cité du Vin (The City of Wine), one of the most intriguing sights/sites in the region of Bordeaux.

8 Things about Bordeaux

Bordeaux is so strongly associated with wine that we sometimes forget it is an exciting multicultural city as well as a wine region.

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Where are you going on vacation this year? May I suggest a European tour? Here are ten crime fiction books I’ve loved because they transported me to another country and in

The Siren Call of a Location

By Clare Flynn People often ask me how I choose the location for my books. But it often feels as if the location chooses me. I’ve just completed a four-month trip

Flavour and Taste

Spring 1993, Portugal I oversleep, miss breakfast, my friends and the bus to Braga. The next one goes in an hour. There’s an unimpressive-looking restaurant across the road and I’m starving.

The Reading Writer – Jean Gill

The Reading Writer Writers are always readers. Or if not, they have no business writing. This interview asks authors about both their reading and writing, because I’m curious how one affects

La Rioja

The Region You drive up the hill and notice the brown tourist road sign alerting you to a photo opportunity up ahead. You slow down, wondering what on earth one can