In Conversation with … Jane Davis

As she's a writer I much admire, I was intrigued to find that Jane was writing a book which featured the death penalty and the last woman hanged in Britain, entitled At the Stroke of Nine O’Clock. This is because I recently completed a novella An Empty Vessel in which my character is found guilty of murder and sentenced to hang.

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Not Going Out

Two weeks ago, Herr Husband and I decided to distance ourselves as a safety precaution. We cancelled all social engagements and apart from getting out in the fields for some

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Top Tips for Crime Lovers #1

Crime writing is a broad church, with something for everyone. In my writing career, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some exceptional authors who have entertained, supported and helped me improve in the genre.

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Flavour and Taste

Spring 1993, Portugal I oversleep, miss breakfast, my friends and the bus to Braga. The next one goes in an hour. There’s an unimpressive-looking restaurant across the road and I’m starving.

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