The Truth is in There

Creativity takes a lot out of us. A lot of what? I think Neil Gaiman says this best. Everything we encounter, every random thought, snatch of conversation, idea provoked by news story or strange juxtaposition of scent and colour goes onto the compost heap. None of these are fully formed stories, but ferment and cohere until that rich soil is ready to sprout something new.

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The (Not So) Little Things

As we start the second month of social distancing, I’m paying a lot more attention than usual to mental hygiene. I’m trying break the loop of uncertainty and worry about the future, so daily exercise means more than yoga and dog-walking.

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Top Tips for Crime Lovers #1

Crime writing is a broad church, with something for everyone. In my writing career, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some exceptional authors who have entertained, supported and helped me improve in the genre.

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