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Ever since I was little, I have loved trains. Finally I took baby steps to living my Orient Express-style dream. Across the border in a comfortable seat, with my own little picnic and the most breathtaking views, I took the train from Zürich to Milan. The plan was to read but with views like this, it’s impossible.

One of the many lakes we passed

Milan was hot, hectic, delicious and unbelievably lovely – everywhere you look, there’s something elegant and photo-worthy. Architecture, food, sunsets, perfume shops and even public transport is pretty.

Most of all, the journey was part of the pleasure. No queues, security checks, sardine seats or harassed fellow travellers. Just a quiet journey of three hours to another European city. Turns out I didn’t need a picnic, as there is a restaurant car. But a panino and Prosecco never goes to waste.

Already planning my next trip. Jx

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