Gold Dragon

If a snake can shed its skin, why can’t a woman?

Olivia Jones specialises in running from trouble and she’s had a whole lot of practice. Only one thing could force her out of the shadows: fear. 

Her family is in danger. Somewhere in Southeast Asia hides a man with the power to call off her pursuers. If she can find him, if he forgives her, she might learn what has happened to her sister.

From Hong Kong to Macau, the most densely populated city on earth, she must track a tiger. By day, she follows his footprints. By night, she uses old skills, playing the casinos while avoiding the gambling mafia. A cynical opportunist, she trusts neither friend nor enemy. Loyalty is a luxury she cannot afford.

Prey becomes predator. But who is hunting the hunter?

From Chinese gambling dens to Yorkshire moors to private London clubs, Olivia’s survival depends on slaying all her dragons.

Available as eBook, audiobook and paperback.

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Wonderful Suspense, Superb Adventure


 ... a gloriously entertaining escape!




It is a very long time since I have enjoyed reading a book so much.


Couldn’t put it down


Exotic locations, danger around every corner, who can be trusted ?


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