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Part One of perfect accompaniments for the Beatrice Stubbs books can be found below. All opinions are entirely subjective and belong to the writers.

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Behind Closed Doors

Adrian: Behind Closed Doors has complex layers and should be read while drinking something similar. I suggest two very different wines: a Swiss Pinot Noir and a French Sancerre. Both encapsulate the essence of ‘more than meets the eye’.

Siebe Dupf Rhy Passo Pinot Noir 2015: This Swiss full-bodied rich red is a rarity, with flavours of plum, caramel and spice from first taste to last. A wine to hold its own with game or if so inclined, horseflesh.

Sancerre ‘Clos des Bouffants’ 2016 Domaine Roger Neveu: Earthy undertones of chalk and limestone with hints of Granny’s garden fruits culminate in an ancient ambience. It is soft and yielding at first but reveals a flinty base to take on all comers. Even pungent cheeses.

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Raw Material

Catinca: Danger with this book is reading and drinking too fast. So many scary moments, you want to swig and eat popcorn. Take it easy with a light red from Romania or some bubbles to slow you down.

Wolfhouse Pinot Noir. Strawberry nose, cherry flavours, light, cheerful and colourful, this wine balances dark shades of Raw Material (specially last scenes). Also cheap as chips.

Villa Sandi Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore Millesimato: Fresh fizz with apples, peaches, flowers and bubbles. Drink chilled in posh fluted glass with salted caramel nuts or stuffed olives.

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Tread Softly

Adrian: There are so many possibilities for a book about wine crime. I chose the obvious white Rioja, of course, but a particularly special bottle. I also recommend a passionate, beautiful rosé from Turkey. It’s bold and dry like the exceptional character of Luz.

Marques de Murrieta, Capellanía Reserva, Rioja 2012. The classic white with a soul of a red. Oaky and complex, one could grow dizzy on the bouquet alone. Subtle, surprising and the perfect companion to lighter dishes and bold flavours, this is grace in a glass.

Büyülübag, Iris Rosé 2015. An island vinery in Turkey produces this bone-dry rosé from the Adakarasi grape. Sharp and berry-fruit layers give this delicate blush a confident and delightful structure. Savour every sip and never, ever underestimate a rosé.

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