I read this story two years ago or so, and it stuck with me. When I get excited about a book, short story, flash fiction, haiku; I tell people.
I told the story to Schmuckfenster, who was similarly impressed. So much so that he composed a track based on the tale.

And now you can hear both together as a podcast.

Touching, unpredictable and with echoes of ‘The Road’ or ‘I Am Legend’, Mig Living’s story, Immune, is part of “Zombie Chronicles”, a collection of zombie love stories.

Mig Living is a writer living in Austria. Before that he lived in Japan. Before that the United States. He blogs at metamorphosism.com. He also enjoys playing the cello, theremin and singing saw, and composing.

Inspired by the imagery, the atmosphere and the sounds, I Walked With A Zombie.

Schmuckfenster: Vintage synthesizers combined with contemporary technology. Eclectic music programmed with passion and wit.

You can listen to the podcast at http://wordswithjam.podomatic.com/
or you can find it on itunes.

    2 replies to "Immune"

    • Batty Jane

      This is a story that will stay with you, a haunting love across an unimaginable divide.

    • mig

      Thanks for this, Jill. Schmuckfenster’s piece is great, too.

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