Black Dogs, Yellow Butterflies

It’s summertime and there’s something in the air. Everyone is celebrating: a wedding, a pregnancy, a promotion.

Tensions are rising and so are temperatures.

But Beatrice Stubbs has other things on her mind.

Fighting battles at work, with loved ones and even her hair, she’s not prepared for her worst enemy.

In this prequel to The Beatrice Stubbs Series, we find out the real story behind ‘the incident’ and why some secrets should be kept forever.

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Very intense and well done


If this is a prequel to the series then hold on to your hat. It will be an emotional roller coaster I think. Highly recommended.


An excellent writer of books that you can't put down!


JJ Marsh should be up there with the great writers of stories of detectives into whose lives we also see friends, families and subplots beyond the ordinary.


We all have some Black Dogs, Yellow Butterflies


If you are a fan of police procedurals you will enjoy this book. If you are a fan of women protagonists who may seem to have it all together but know everyone has a breaking point then you must read this prequel.

Linda McCutcheon