Kenneth, looking for tips
Madam B rereading a classic
Spud, looking at the pictures


    5 replies to "Literary Pugs"

    • Peter Galen Massey

      Okay, you got me. Normally, I’m not much for novelty internet animal photographs, but these are fab. Thanks.

    • jilljmarsh

      Peter, perfecting pug poses and paperwork is about as tricky as saying this sentence too fast. Thanks for the support. Jill and pugs.

    • Gill H

      Aw. I miss the puglets. Too cute!

    • Liza

      Fabulous photos, Jill! I love those pugs already, and haven’t even met them (yet)!!

    • jilljmarsh

      Thanks Gill and Liza. Hope you’ll see them soon for a full and frank discussion of formative literature.

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