An Empty Vessel

Today’s the day Nancy Maidstone is going to hang.

In her time, she’s been a wartime evacuee, land-girl, slaughterhouse worker, supermarket assistant, Master Butcher and defendant accused of first degree murder. Now she’s a prisoner condemned to death. A first time for everything.

The case has made all the front pages. Speculation dominates every conversation from bar to barbershop to bakery. Why did she do it? How did she do it? Did she actually do it at all? Her physical appearance and demeanour in court has sparked the British public’s imagination, so everyone has an opinion on Nancy Maidstone.

The story of a life and a death, of a post-war world which never had it so good, of a society intent on a bright, shiny future, and of a woman with blood on her hands.

This is the story of Nancy Maidstone.

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Odd Numbers

Strange circumstances bring people together. 
Such as the tragedy of New Year's Eve, 1999.

Every two years since that night, five of us have reunited. 
We celebrate, forgive and grieve. 
Twenty years later, we’re still trying to heal. 

Memories grow dusty, the nightmare fades and cobwebs mask the truth. 
Until one of us starts asking questions.
Is our connection a safety net or a tie that hobbles us to the past?
What actually happened that night?

On our 20th anniversary, in a remote snowy chalet, we face reality.
Old wounds reopen and doubts emerge.
For twenty years, we've known each other’s secrets. 
Or did we miss the biggest one of all?

When our history is shaken, we must rewrite our future.
This reunion will be the last. 

Available as eBook, Audiobook and Paperback.

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Read it in one day! Couldn’t put it down! JJ Marsh has such a talent of getting you engrossed in her characters!!  


I was completely caught up in this story. I felt as if I knew the characters, and that I was indeed, part of the group. I wanted to find out what happened, and dreaded it at the same time. Gripping!  


All of the characters are well written and developed and unique. This is an absolutely fantastic book and I highly recommend it!