Pearl Moon

Every encounter leaves a mark - sometimes a bruise, sometimes a kiss

For the first time since her career blew up, Iris is on the move.
Not to save her own life, but to help others.
In Mozambique, she volunteers at a women’s refuge, sharing her skills for the greater good.

The country’s civil war may be over, yet aggression and resentment towards female independence rages on. Robbery, violence, kidnapping and attacks force Iris and her colleagues into a siege mentality. How can they advance their lot while constantly fighting a defensive battle?

Iris wields another weapon – words. At first, it seems they fall on deaf ears. Then a local politician lends his support, money trickles in and hostilities cease. It seems their fortunes are looking up. When a blast from her past appears, Iris thanks her lucky stars.

However, fortunes are often mixed. If one person can track her to a far-flung corner of East Africa, it is only a matter of time before her luck runs out. For bounty hunters, Iris is a trophy and collateral damage means nothing.

Good intentions can be fatal.

Available as eBook and paperback.

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Love this series.


 ...and the way this character thinks.

Gramma Patty

Absorbing from start to finish


If you haven't already read anything from this author, you are missing out!!


Pearl Moon


spannend wie immer

Julie walker

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