Wolf Tones

The new psychological drama.

"Behind the facade of fine arts at the Salzburg City Orchestra, JJ Marsh leads us skilfully down through layers of lies, blackmail and violence to a place where it´s impossible to see who is friend or foe."

Luna Miller, 'The Gunvor Ström Series' 

Odd Numbers

A psychological drama about friendship, loss and forgiveness. Over time, memories become deceptive.

"Twist follows twist in a riveting mystery as sharp as the shards of glass from a shattered champagne bottle. "

Abbie Frost, author of 'The Guesthouse'

An Empty Vessel

The story of a most ordinary British woman in the 1950s who is on death row for murder.

A colourful picture of the life of an underdog in post-war Britain.

"An entertaining, heartbreaking and unusual story'"

Terri Tyler, Amazon

The novel features prominently in the Beatrice book Snow Angel - as the bestseller written by murder victim Vaughan Mason. Click for more.

Appearances Greeting a Point of View

Twelve little oddities – an assortment of the bizarre, unexpected, charming, unsettling and downright peculiar. Into darkness or light, there are many ways to escape.

"I was expecting a volume of short stories but was unprepared for the sheer diversity of talent I encountered"

Marlene Brown, Amazon