Writers are always readers. Or if not, they have no business writing. This interview asks authors about both their reading and writing, because I’m curious how one affects the other. My first guest is Swedish author Luna Miller.

Which book most influenced you when growing up?

The Lord of the Rings

Where do you write? / What’s on your desk?

I love to write on the balcony. Either at home in the summer or on holiday in the sun. The rest of the year I write early mornings in bed. And late nights at my desk, which is filled with books, notes, pens and papers.

Who or what had the biggest impact on your creative life?

I have always had the ambition to write, but with a restless personality it was a challenge to complete any work in a satisfying way. Always a lot of ideas, but never patience enough to complete any of them.

But difficult experiences made me realize how important it is for me to make my dream come true. So, I started to give myself time to write. And then more and more time. Disorganised at first, but then slowly developing. And now, my world of writing is here to stay.

How far do other media, such as music, film or fine art influence your writing?

When I was writing my book Three Days in September, I always started my writing sessions by listening to a special song to get in the right mood – melancholy.

Why do you write in the genre(s) you write?

I love to read crime. The excitement. All these little details that the author gives you to either figure out who the bad guy is or to deceive the reader. With crime as the genre, I can put my main character and her allies in situations where their kind of people rarely go. Both by trying (and succeeding) to solve mysteries with no experience whatsoever and by being forced to take on roles they have never been near to before. I like the readers to see both the strengths and the weaknesses in Gunvor and her friends. To follow them when they are brave, embarrassing, childish, bitter, friendly and gracious. And doing things they never imagined they were capable of.

What makes your hero(ine)/storyworld/concept special?

A woman in her mid-sixties that starts a new career as a private detective. Not a choice you would expect. She melts into the surroundings. Just an old dear. No threat to anyone. But she is not all she seems. She is smart, she is experienced. She stays fit, even if it hurts. She is the kind of heroine that is ready to take the world by surprise.

Which part of the writing process do you enjoy most: drafting or editing?

Editing, since I am still learning to be patient enough.

How do you view the variety of publication routes available to authors now?

It is a fantastic world out there for indie authors. There is a lot to learn and it takes time. I spend hours and hours on the internet, reading tips and experiences from other writers, reviewers and bloggers. I am still learning.

How often do you read books in translation?

Often. Even if I am pretty good at reading in English it is disturbing when there are words or expressions I don´t understand.

Will you give me a hint about what you’re working on next?

I am writing the third book about private detective Gunvor Ström. I have only just started. But I can reveal that both drugs and Gran Canaria play a role in the next book.

Luna Miller is a pretty new part of me that has been living my passion for writing over the last few years.

I published my first Luna Miller novel, Tre dagar i September, in Swedish, towards the end of 2015. A few weeks later I followed it with Den som ger sig in i leken (The Lion’s Tail) – the first book in my crime series, which has been translated into German as Wer sich auf das Spiel einlässt and Spanish as Quien juega con fuego. Now, it is available in English: The Lion’s Tail.


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