The Woman in the Frame

"Enemies? No, everybody loved her."

Crystalline Mediterranean waters lap the rocky northern coast of Mallorca, blessing the town of Deià with blood-orange sunsets, balmy night skies and the legacy of a poet. This former artists’ colony now attracts the rich and famous looking to party in privacy. It’s the perfect place for a honeymoon until your morning coffee is interrupted by a dead body.

Who would want to murder the muse of a world-famous artist? Why would anyone slash his artworks, but only those depicting her unearthly beauty? Suspects are in abundance and the police want a quick solution.Enter Beatrice Stubbs, private investigator, who never rejects a job if it involves good food and fine wine.

Meanwhile, Beatrice’s old friends Adrian and Will are babysitting. Adrian doesn’t mind because he quite likes this kid. Plus the dull practicalities of hobby parenting might act as a reality check on Will’s fatherhood fantasies. Unless, of course, it has the opposite effect.

Beatrice and her assistant Theo must sift through the secrets of a small town with a big reputation. Someone - an esoteric church leader, a wild-eyed ex-muse, the woman who forgets nothing, the artist’s agent or that covetous neighbour – knows what really happened and why. But when locals and incomers point the finger at one another, how can Beatrice distinguish between lies, truth and artistic licence?

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

"Sun, sea, sand ... and cold-blooded murder. Addictive and emotive, this book will shake all your senses."
Gillian E. Hamer, author of The Gold Detective Series

Available as eBook and paperback.

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Another gem!


The subject, the evolution of her characters and the ambience are top notch! I love reading these books! Go get one and enjoy! 



New author for me gotten totally hooked on English murder mysteries. The plot is different and nicely twisty. The scenic descriptions are wonderful.

Best Beatrice Stubbs book yet!


Everything about this book is terrific! The plots are tight and the stories are set in such a way that you are there!