Crime writing is a broad church, with something for everyone. In my writing career, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some exceptional authors who have entertained, supported and helped me improve in the genre.

Let me introduce you to three such women.

First up, Sheila Bugler.

Her first three novels feature Ellen Kelly, a detective with the South London police. I fell for these books not only because I used to live on the very same streets Ellen patrols, but because she is such a rounded, fallible character. Her private life adds to the tension and you find yourself cheering her professional competence and despairing over her personal situation.

Now Ms Bugler has turned her skill at twisty storytelling and emotional engagement to the seaside location of Eastbourne, with I Could Be You. Our protagonist is not a police officer, but a journalist, trying to get to the bottom of a hit and run accident. The atmosphere is used to terrific effect – sunshine and seaside contrast with the grim history Dee Doran uncovers. This is writing to relish.

A brilliant read – twisted, cleverly plotted and one hell of a page-turner.

– M J Lee, author of Where the Truth Lies.

Next on my list of highly recommended is Abbie Frost.

Author of four psychological drama novels under the name Chris Curran, this writer specialises in dark secrets. All four involves lies, deceit and astute insights into the human mind. Scenes from Mindsight and All The Little Lies have stayed with me long after reading. She is truly a queen of the twist in the tale.

Her latest, The Guest House, is a thriller under the pseudonym Abbie Frost. Her writing is layered, perfectly controlled and precise. So much so it builds the tension to the point you want to run away, but simply can’t. A classic remote house mystery in which a bunch of strangers think they’re getting away from it all. But not all of them will come back.

Dark, claustrophobic and full of suspense

– Alex Lake bestselling author of After Alice

Lorraine Mace is at the darker end of the spectrum.

Set in the fictional city of Bradchester, her gritty crime noir series starring DI Paolo Sterling, exposes the worst elements of society. Sterling is a fascinating character, dealing with his own demons and trying to protect those he loves from the horrors he encounters.

Mace has a sympathetic eye for the most vulnerable while her villains are genuinely monstrous creations. I found the first in the series, Retriever of Souls, to have intelligent insight into gender relations and the role of women in the modern world. Her latest, Rage and Retribution, explores the reasons a victim might remain silent.

Gritty and gripping

– Colette McCormick, author of Ribbons in Her Hair. 

These three writers I believe deserve to be better known. Click on the images of the books to find out more.

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