True Colours

No more detective work, she said. The trouble is, Beatrice Stubbs just can’t help herself. Especially when she can help someone else.

Christmas in Sweden – the home of reindeer, Northern Lights and polar nights – seems like the best way to celebrate with her loved ones. The invitation to a New Year’s Eve black metal gig in the Arctic Circle is more of a worry. But there’s a first time for everything.

In London, Catinca is living the dream. Her design career is thriving and the love of her life has moved into her apartment. Theo, on the other hand, is still dreaming. His ex-girlfriend offers him a job and to Catinca’s horror, he accepts. Maybe the perfect couple are not quite as perfect as she thought.

When precious jewellery goes missing from a Swedish family home, everyone suspects the same person of stealing. The question is, why? Beatrice and Will, detectives to their bones, have no option but to investigate. With sleeper trains and lies, snowscapes, blackmail and spies, this is no ordinary Christmas story.

The gap between who people pretend to be and their real selves can be dangerous. Under pressure, everyone shows their true colours.

The finale encore for fans of the series!

Usually, Beatrice books work standalone, but the novella TRUE COLOURS works best when read as the last adventure of the series.

Available as eBook and paperback

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True Colors, loved it.


Makes me want to get out and travel.

kay oldham

A lovely Read


So happy to read another story about Beatrice Stubbs such engaging characters.


Love Beatrice Stubbs


It was a great story and setting.