I don’t mind football. I prefer rugby but to be honest, I could give both a miss and dive into a good book. Or books.

My ideal summer evening involves a comfy chair in the garden, a light breeze, a glass of something cold and perhaps the faint sounds of people getting excited over some sort of sport in the distance.

If you’re into footie, then Olé, Olé, Olé! If you’re not, here’s a selection of escape routes I personally recommend. I’ve read all these novels and loved every single one. I think you will too. Click on author or image and go exploring.

Literary fiction lovers, enjoy thoughtful writing and extraordinary ideas with Jane Davis.

If you’re into historical fiction, I have two suggestions.

Liza Perrat‘s books tell the story of one French village through three tumultuous periods in history.

And JD Smith takes us further back to 3rd century Syria, where a warrior queen plays politics to save her people.

Whereas Roma Nova imagines an alternative world where the Roman Empire lived on under the direction of women.  By Alison Morton.

Crime readers are going to love the atmospheric Gold Detectives Series by Gillian E. Hamer: ‘Anglesey’s Ian Rankin’.

Or you might want to enjoy something more romantic. In which case, lose yourself in The Nordic Heart Series by Helena Halme.

Hold onto your hat! Mix it up with historical romance and international adventures with Clare Flynn

Whether you’re applauding your team or adventuring from your hammock, I wish you a wonderful summer.

By JJ Marsh

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